Monday, 27 May 2013

California Waiting

Thinking. I've had a lot of time to do this in the last week. Cycling is a weird sport, we spend so many hours riding bikes day in day out for weeks and months of every year. You would think that an impromptu week where you don't see a bike would be a relieving change of scenery. In fact it's almost the opposite, you almost have to switch to another mental state to really relax and enjoy those off weeks. When they are planned they are part of your training, specific to what you need at that time to make sure you can perform at your best. When it is sprung upon you though, you're caught out, stuck between relaxing, making the most of the time and being naturally anxious and frustrated about missing training/racing. I realise you cant expect to have perfect runs and shit hits the fan more often than you would like so the better you can handle this the better you will come out of it..

This last week or two has been anything but planned. After a flight over to forget , picking up a sore throat and cold wasn't the best leaving present i've had and made for some restless plane time.  As expected I was treated to a typical american airport welcome with a good hour line for customs. safe to say i was keen to see some sun and feel some fresh air on my face, hopefully out pedalling my new training roads!

settled into MountainView nestled at the base of some epic Californian hills, staying with a super cool couple Katheryn and james mattis, both hitters back in the day so have some sweet stories to tell at dinner time. Big thanks for having me guys!!

No matter how good a new bike sounds, nothing is worth as much as a setup you are used to and changing to something different mid-season can be a bit much for the body. That was something I learnt pretty quickly, only two rides in and I wasn't feel myself on the bike at all everything felt foreign and I was getting bad pains around my knees...not ideal to say the least. After a careful look at the setup I realised that a combination of small things made it completely different to my Avanti, with the damage already done we made a decision to stay off the bike until my Avanti which was promptly shipped over arrived. It was then a matter of playing the waiting game. 6 days felt like two weeks, keeping up part of my program with gym for most of those still didn't cut it. I wanted to be out in the hills, riding my bike!

Finally heard my bike had arrived in LA, stoked! then it was a game of tag with the delivery dude who showed up the only time i was out getting fruit so all i got was a note saying sorry we missed you. the next day i played it safe, just taking the dog for a walk around the grass outside so i could see if the van pulled up. eventually he turned up and i set my bike up and took it for a spin. felt like I hadn't ridden for ages but it was definately welcomed return.

left the cold in the dust, knees are better, things are looking up.. she'll be a quick turn around for Philly classic this weekend! Im definitely going to have to dig deep to find some climbing legs for the finale up the wall..eeek I think i'm going to rock a 28!

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