Monday, 13 May 2013

Green light

It's been awhile since my last post!- cant have been many exciting things going on

As I mentioned, I have been living with my (very nice and accommodating) brother at his flat in Christchurch- actually just took over his room so cheers for that Pat! I've had an awesome time an enjoyed a bit of the student life which is definately an experience for an ignorant wee cyclist like myself!
got pretty good at living off 50 a week so things have been good..
the cupboard room

 bday dinner with flatties

cant beat Home..

first visit to Mt cook..on two wheels

The past few months I have just been setting myself up for a good second half of the season..been working hard with a few people to get myself some form, its been sleep,eat,bike,eat,study,eat,sleep. with the odd coffee shop adventure or a few drinks here and there its not been a bad life..

I have had a few signs of some form coming on with a few wins on the national scene, first race back I fluked a nice bank-buffering win in the grape ride, then picked up my first senior national title which i was stoked with! , then most recently won round 3 of the elite benchmark series. To add to that, I got some exciting news from Mum saying that I was awarded the Otago Junior Sports woman of the year, So so proud to be receiving that. Pretty successful return and I hope I keep injury at bay for a good time, although in this sport i've found it's pretty inevitable and when it happens you just have to make sure you keep your sights up and find a way around..bad times can't last forever!

Heaps of exciting things happening for me now and I'm just itching to get away and catch up with my teammies to kick off my first international season!- My first race for Vanderkitten, 2 weeks after my arrival, is Philadelphia classic a big UCI one day race with a crazy finish up something they call the 'wall'...self-explanatory i think. Then I'll be lining up for Nature valley, BC superweek and finally Cascade tour!

Amuurica, ill see you soon!

updates later when I've swapped my jacket and woolly socks for jandals and singlets..

Golden roads around Alex

selfie with the new kit
Big thanks to H and J for support in the NZ scene!!

benchmark break

Senior National club champ

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