Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A (not so good) eventfull start to 2013

The way recent events have panned out has not been how I'd imagined, starting the year off with a painful scrape along some hot, not so clean australian tarmac was not on the to do list but I ticked that off along with a wee stint to the hospital with fellow kiwi sequoia making sure they didnt do anything to drastic to me while I enjoyed the pain relief..

In the first Mitchelton bay series criterium, the ritchie boulevard hotdog circuit in Geelong, which last time I raced I thought was like doing 60 standing starts in 30mins, I was feeling good. Considering I'd had 1week off to let this hamstring niggle settle I was going into it fresh, just took awhile to warm up into the race. About 15min into the crit I took a corner too fast near the front and came down, I was fine and got back up and carried on. Then coming into the sprint I was head down tail up going full out when the rider infront to my left cut across my front wheel, i managed to hold up for a bit but when they moved further over it was too much and I went ploughing into the tarmac at (thanks to the tailwind) some high speeds..the result wasnt much fun, I had some deep cuts and had hurt my left shoulder and hip.thankfully after an xray, I found out nothing was broken, it just felt like for the next few days I was sore and stiff, I tried to race the last crit in spite but I was just too sore to really race and things werent firing as they should so I pulled the pin not too long into it.

Thanks to the Total Rush cycling crew for putting up with a cripple for a rider and giving me heaps of support, you guys were awesome!

I flew home, got stuck into some stretches and exercises to loosen things up and went out for a couple of easy rides. On my 2nd ride I went out up a few hills thinking that at the weekend I had a pretty touch course ahead of me and I best get the body back in tune for it. Grudgingly I had to turn around early as my hamstring started flaring up and I have since been to see physio,chiropracter and sports med doc and have been told I have bursitis in my right hamstring insertion. I am pretty gutted that this will mean no Elite Road Nationals for me and doubtfull for Elite Track Nationals also.The next few weeks for me will involve taking good care of myself and letting things settle and then building strength to prevent further injuries.

It's an opportunity for me to have breather in a time that was planned to be full-on before I head away for an awesome season in the states in late febuary where I have big things planned, so in that sense its a good thing and I'm already making the most of it!

Now that I've had my fair share of pain for 2013, bring on the good times!

A big goodluck to everyone racing especially my VK teammies kate and jeannie at the weekend and also to my big bro, defending his title- I'll be out there cheering!

attacking in the ritchey Blvd crit

Be back with some good news next time hopefully!

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